Get Ready to Shine!

Walk in Beauty

Custom Made for You by the Artisans of Istanbul

Custom Made for You by the Artisans of Istanbul

Custom Made for You by the Artisans of Istanbul Custom Made for You by the Artisans of Istanbul

Colette's Philosophy

Walk in Beauty Tapestry Boot Designer Colette de Gagnier wearing one of her creations in California

The Tapestry of our lives

Custom-made tapestry boots designed by Colette bring wearable art directly to your feet, and support the way you walk in the world. These boots help reflect your unique essence, and can give you a greater confidence, no matter where you travel.  May you walk in Beauty!

Walk in Beauty designer Colette de Gagnier with production manager Mustafa in Istanbul

Embodiment of beauty

Colette's tapestry boot designs are inspired by her passionate love of textiles, and her extensive travels to India, Turkey and beyond. Her lifelong experiences as a creative artist and designer have inspired her, as well as working for fashion designers in India and the U.S. These boots are designed to bring more fun and magic to everyday life, as well as offering comfortable and lasting footwear.  Colette's dedication to the healing power of beauty is also tied to the dream of a sustainable way of life, both for herself, and the artisan boot makers in Istanbul with whom she collaborates. They pull from the aesthetics of Turkey's rich textile tradition, with as well as every woman's essential need to be an embodiment of Beauty.

Colette de Gagnier with artisan boot maker Mehmed in Istanbul, Turkey

Relationships across cultures

Buying from independent designers helps you create a closer relationship with the things you wear every day. Colette feels honored and blessed to be collaborating with her family of artisan boot makers in Istanbul, and is committed to fair-trade practices.  Colette is inspired by the relationships she is able to build over time, both with the artisan boot makers, and the women for whom she designs stunning boots. May these designs enhance the tapestry of your lives!